Project implementation

Phase 1: Development of draft procurement guidance for public authorities and SMEs

(Apr 2011 - Feb 2012)

During the first 10 months of the project, work concentrated on developing a draft approach to introducing sustainable forestry management standards in public procurement and in the timber industry:

  • A report on sustainable forest management and fair trade in the timber industry
  • A collection of case studies on public procurement practices for sustainable timber products which will be further extended as the project progresses


Phase 2: Consultation and finalisation of guides

(Feb 2012 – Sept 2012)

A consultation process involving relevant stakeholders in the public sector and the supply chain was carried out on the draft procurement guidelines and the guide for SMEs. Following this, both were revised and finalised. The procurement guidelines will form part of a wider toolkit, containing other useful resources such as guidance for community forests, policy models etc.:


Phase 3: Training, piloting and dissemination

(Oct 2012 – Nov 2013)

Using the procurement guidelines and the tool kit developed, a series of training and awareness raising activities was carried out, including:



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