Linking Europe and STA

The Sustainable Timber in Action project is closely collaborating with the Linking Europe program run by IDH, the Sustainable Trade Initiative. The aims of both initiatives align very closely.

Linking Europe aims to increase the uptake of sustainably certified tropical timber on the European market. One of the major target groups of the program is the public sector, due to its large market share.

Linking Europe Objectives

  1. Increase the demand for sustainably certified tropical timber in three European countries by 10% by 2015.

  2. Increase sustainable procurement of timber in the DIY sector in Germany and in France by 100% by 2013.

  3. Assemble, revise and add new elements to existing guidance materials and tools for sustainable public procurement officers of local authorities by 2012. Click here for a preliminary version of the mapping.

  4. Implement trainings on sustainable procurement for cities or municipalities in Italy, France, Spain, Germany and Belgium by 2013.

STA resource database

To facilitate leverage, exchange and learning between countries, the Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH), in collaboration with Probos and ICLEI, has set up a database with a range of guidance materials, tools and trainings for public authorities on how to procure sustainable timber products.


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